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Neuson Industry: Unveiling the Latest Innovations and Updates at Bauma 2023

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Neuson Industry: Unveiling the Latest Innovations and Updates at Bauma 2023Under the motto 'Meet the Future,' Wacker Neuson and Kramer welcomed industry professionals and enthusiasts to their 5,000-square-meter stand FN.915 in the north open-air exhibition area at Bauma 2023. This event was highly anticipated after more than two years of pandemic-induced disruptions, and it provided the perfect opportunity for Neuson Industry to showcase their cutting-edge innovations and updates to customers and trade visitors.

1 – Meet Green: The Complete Zero Emission Package

At the 'Meet Green' section, visitors had the chance to explore Neuson Industry's expanded zero emission offering. The company has made significant strides in providing machines and services that contribute to zero emissions, including special financing offers and solutions in charging infrastructure. Alexander Greschner, Chief Sales Officer of the Wacker Neuson Group, highlighted the comprehensive nature of their zero emission portfolio, stating, "Neuson Industry strives to offer a comprehensive environment for clients, encompassing charging infrastructure, solutions, financial alternatives, and diverse utilization models, all while embracing a holistic approach to battery utilization, enabling an entire urban construction site to function without generating any emissions in the vicinity."

Among the notable innovations showcased at Bauma 2023 were

the new TH412e electric telehandler, the RD28e electric roller, the Charging Box for mobile power supply, and the compact DT05e dumper. Additionally, Neuson Industry presented Battery One, a standardized and user-friendly battery system designed for carbon-free and sustainable use in construction equipment, not only from Wacker Neuson but also from other manufacturers.

One Bauma highlight was the reversible battery plate APU3050e, featuring the DireX direct drive developed by Wacker Neuson, ensuring enhanced efficiency and extended runtimes. The event also saw the unveiling of the third generation of the WL20e e-wheel loader, equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. Kramer, in collaboration with Neuson Industry, presented the 5065e electric wheel loader and the 1445e E-telescopic handler, both leveraging the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

2 – Meet Innovation: Practical Solutions

In the 'Meet Innovation' area, Neuson Industry reaffirmed its commitment to innovation. The Wacker Neuson EW100 wheeled excavator stole the spotlight as it ushered in a new era in compact wheeled excavators. Noteworthy for its excellent sightlines, stability, and enhanced safety features, this 10-ton excavator offers the power and capacity to handle tasks that would typically require a 14-ton excavator. Furthermore, the EW100 is equipped with software that allows for

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implementation of future attachment management or assistance systems updates, eliminating the need for complex conversions and saving both time and money.

Another impressive innovation was the Dual View Dumper DV45, the smallest model in the Dual View lineup. Featuring an electro-hydraulically rotatable cabin, this equipment can effortlessly pivot 180 degrees in both forward and backward directions, as well as 90 degrees sideways, all at the simple push of a button. In the "Multi View" mode, the DV45 can even be driven with the cab turned sideways, offering increased flexibility on construction sites. Neuson Industry also showcased other highlights in the construction equipment sector, such as the BH40 gasoline breaker, known for its exceptional performance as the lightest gasoline breaker weighing only 20 kg.

3 – Meet Connectivity: Benefits Through Digitalization

Under the theme 'Meet Connectivity,' Neuson Industry demonstrated how digital solutions enhance efficiency and transparency on construction sites. One such solution was ConcreTec, the new assistance system for concrete consolidation. It simplifies and ensures high-quality compaction of concrete components while providing transparency throughout the process. Neuson Industry has also unveiled EquipCare Pro, an innovative cloud-based software platform that empowers clients to efficiently oversee, organize, and assess all

telematics-enabled machinery, tools, and construction site equipment, irrespective of the maker or label. This advanced solution significantly enhances fleet efficiency, leading to improved productivity across the board.

Bauma 2023 also showcased the mixed-reality "Smart Glasses," which have already been successfully implemented by Wacker Neuson in South Africa. Equipped with these glasses, service technicians can connect with experts remotely, enabling them to provide real-time support and share a live view of the machine or transfer support screens directly to the glasses. Digitalization plays a vital role in the development of machines as well. The new EW100 wheeled excavator features an intelligent Attachment Management System, allowing operators to effortlessly change attachments via the 10-inch display. It automatically adjusts the machine dynamics to suit the attached tool, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

In conclusion, Neuson Industry's presence at Bauma 2023 was a testament to their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and digitalization. Through their 'Meet the Future' exhibition, they showcased the latest zero emission solutions, practical innovations, and digital connectivity advancements, solidifying their position as a leading player in the industry. With an unwavering focus on meeting customer needs, Neuson Industry continues to drive progress in the construction equipment sector.


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